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Designer Jewelry

Handmade in New York City

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Our Company

Renate Exclusive, LLC is a New York City based small business company, created in 2014 by Renate Loik-Paljasma and Jaan Paljasma. Company goal is to provide designer jewelry that is feminine, exclusive, and of the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Designed jewelry is 100% handcrafted from high quality materials like gemstones and pearls.

Renate Loik-Paljasma, the President & Chief Design Officer behind this company, is heart and soul behind these magnificent designer bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Grown in small European country Estonia, her interest to jewelry began in Brussels, Belgium. After getting married and moving to New York City with her family, she shifted focus to quality pearl and gemstone jewelry, with emphasis on customer satisfaction, production quality and exclusive gift wrapping. She gets her design ideas from the locations she visits, landscapes, nature and its colors. New designer jewelry collections are released twice a year, and are available through the e-commerce store.

Jaan Paljasma is Chief Executive Officer focusing on company growth, its e-commerce strategies, wholesale customers, trade shows and public relations.

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Renate Loik-Paljasma
President & Chief Design Officer

Jaan Paljasma
Chief Executive Officer